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How Refinancing Mortgages on Your Richmond Hill Home Can Help You Achieve Your Financial Goals

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Refinancing mortgages in Richmond Hill involves paying off the existing mortgage on the home with a new mortgage.

Why Do People Refinance Their Homes?

People have many different reasons for refinancing their homes. Some of the reasons involve the mortgage itself, while others involve tapping into equity that has built up over the years.
Interest rates have stayed fairly low over the past decade, but there has still been some fluctuation. If you’ve signed your mortgage at one rate and noticed a drop in interest rates since, it may be worth investigating the possibility of refinancing the mortgage on your Richmond Hill home. Even the smallest dip in interest rates can equal thousands of dollars in savings over the life of your mortgage. After all, if you refinance your mortgage and end up with lower monthly payments, keeping your payment rate the same as before will let you pay off the principal faster, with less money going toward interest costs. This helps you decrease the amount of time it takes to pay your mortgage.
You may be able to up your payments without refinancing your mortgage with increased payments, and, if your financial situation has changed drastically, you may be able to pay it off even faster. You can refinance for a shorter mortgage term but there may be penalties for paying off your mortgage earlier than planned.
If you’ve been struggling to make ends meet, refinancing your mortgage may be the right option for you. Instead of maxing out your credit cards or taking out a personal loan to cover bills, you can arrange to pay your mortgage over a longer period of time, or even gain a better interest rate so your monthly payments are reduced without impacting your repayment schedule.

Mortgage Calculator

A mortgage calculator can help you determine how a change in interest rates or mortgage term will impact your monthly payments. There are many different types of mortgage calculators available, so you can find the right one for your financial situation.
If you’re interested in comparing different options to see how much your payment will be and how increasing or decreasing your payment frequency will impact your mortgage length and payment amount, try using a mortgage payment calculator. This basic mortgage calculator allows you to enter the amount still owing on your mortgage, the current interest rate and different amortization periods. You can also try different payment frequencies, comparing a monthly payment to paying weekly or biweekly.
There are also calculators that will work with your other monthly payments or debt to help you figure out which payments you can afford. The Debt Service Calculator, offered by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, lets you enter your debt payments, housing payments, and income to help you see where you stand.
A household budget calculator will give you an even more in-depth look at where your money is going every month. If you’re considering refinancing because of high debt levels, this calculator can help you determine where you can make other cuts to your expenses as you refinance your mortgage.
Refinancing mortgages can help Richmond Hill homeowners consolidate debt, lower monthly payments, or tap into their home equity for renovations, vacations, and other luxuries.


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